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With our AF-Carbon® product range, we offer customers a comprehensive portfolio of technically sophisticated carbon black concentrates. Different carbon blacks are used for different applications in various industries, most commonly black masterbatch and carbon concentrate. Our eco-friendly, high-quality production facilities offer a formidable infrastructure for the manufacturing of carbon black concentrates. We also develop technically sophisticated batches on different thermoplastic carrier materials.

One important quality factor is dispersion. By producing to extremely high standards, we are able to cater to sector-specific requirements such as minimised agglomerate measurements. Together with our test laboratory, we carry out controls and tests for many different technical aspects in order to fulfil your individual requirements.

The Quality Is in the Detail

This is very true for carbon black concentrates. One product may look like another at first glance, but the subtle differences are hidden just beneath the surface. Our standard portfolio includes some 30 products, all of which vary in their suitability for use in a broad range of applications and also in the carrier and grade of carbon black. The AF-Carbon® range of products provides a comprehensive portfolio of technically sophisticated carbon black concentrates. Here you can find an abstract of our AF-Carbon® products and their suitability.

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Any Color, as Long as It Is Black

Carbon black is typically used for black coloration of PA polyamides 6 and 6.6. High-grade carbon black masterbatches are used to ensure intensive and reliable results when directly coloring compounds. However, carbon black, as the coloring matter, has limitations in some applications with high technical or aesthetical demands. In these cases, soluble dyes are the preferable. They are not coated with a polymer matrix as in the case of pigment particles but instead directly color the matrix a deep black.

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