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AF-Eco® - biodegradable film applications

AF-Eco® - biodegradable film applications

Innovative and Application-Oriented Bioplastics

Bioplastics are market-ready solutions for the sustainability of our environment, which are already used in a a variety of applications. Our film applications are developed for "OK compost INDUSTRIAL" and "OK compost HOME" and thus comply with the EN 13432/NF T81-500 standard. In Europe, this certification standard is the standard that suppliers need to consider when it comes to corresponding audits.

In addition, this standard also regulates the heavy metal content in packaging applications. With this certified pool of colorants, we can realise almost any colour objective. Due to the high melt strength of M·VERA®, the products can easily be used on conventional film lines. They are also ideal for processing multi-layer films and are used in many ways in our everyday lives, as you will see in the following examples.

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Disclaimer: All the information and data in this brochure are based on the latest state of knowledge and findings. Legal warranty of the presence of particular characteristics or suitability for par - ticular applications or purposes cannot be assumed. Our information and data do not free the processor and user of his or her obligation to conduct their own trials and tests for specific applica - tions. AKROMID®, AKROLEN®, AKROLOY®, AKROTEK®, PRECITE®, AF-Carbon®, AF-Color®, AF-Complex®, AF-Clean®, ICX®, BIO-FED®, M·VERA® and AF-Eco® are registered trademarks of the Feddersen Group.

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