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Functional masterbatch performance

Additives are indispensable chemical auxiliaries for the processing and application of plastics. Only when they are added can plastics withstand high processing temperatures or the effects of light and weather, become antistatic or transparent.

AF-Complex® products are ideal for injection moulding, film, profile and sheet extrusion as well as thermoforming applications. The portfolio offers a wide range of additive combinations to meet your desired technical requirements. The formulations, which can consist of single or multiple active ingredients, form the starting point for the process. The resulting masterbatches in granulate form can then be used in your production - for example as stabilisers, functional substances, flame retardants or laser additives. AF-Complex® can be produced on many polymer carrier systems.

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AF-Complex® TM natur

Lightness due to foaming

In the product itself and in the processing of plastics

Carefree production with AF-Complex® TM. Whether weight reduction, improvement of surface quality or process optimisation - our foaming agent range has the right product for your application for every requirement. In addition to the standard range on the market, we also offer you new developments that demonstrate above-average performance, especially with technical polymers that are sensitive to hydrolysis, for example. They also open up completely new approaches for the production of microcellular foam films or enable the foaming of bioplastics. Each formulation has been developed and tested from practice for practice. Below are our current highlight products.

Product overview of foaming agent masterbatches for technical applications

Product AF-Complex®
Function / Application
Suitable for
PE 990199 TM natur
- Developed to prevent sink marks
Polyolefins (PE/PP) and polyamides (PA)
PE 990300 TM natur
- Developed for a fine-cell foam structure - Foaming of thin films
Polyolefins (PE/PP), polyamide (PA), polystyrene (PS)
PE 990477 TM natur
- Developed for thin foamed films and tapes - Fine-cell and smooth foam structure
Polyolefins (PE/PP) und polyamide (PA)
EBA 990209 TM natur
- Developed for injection moulding and extrusion applications - Suppression of hydrolysis
Universally applicable, e.g. polyolefins (PE/PP), polyamide (PA), polylactides (PLA)

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AF-Complex® TM natur

Foaming agent for polyamide

AF Complex® PA 990813 TM natur is an endothermic blowing agent masterbatch with a high active ingredient content, specially developed for foaming polyamides in injection moulding, profile and film extrusion applications. The carrier system optimised for polyamide eliminates the disruptive influence of foreign polymer on the polymer matrix. The special formulation enables the production of very fine-cell foam structures and components with high surface qualities. The product can be used to save weight and material (density reduction of up to 40 %) and to reduce warpage and sink marks.

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AF-Complex® NB 990850 PA natur

Processing aid for PMMA

Newly developed additives enable improved flow behaviour when processing certain polymer groups with a significantly reduced temperature profile. Nevertheless, the melt viscosity corresponds to the required process window.

An innovative molecular design provides the necessary functionalities and represents an absolute novelty in the field of process aids. The NB 990850 PA natur (PA = processing aid) developed for this purpose is designed as an additive concentrate explicitly for use in PMMA (e.g. the widely known Plexiglas®).

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AF-Complex® Dry natur

Drying batch for the recycling process

AF Complex® EBA 990341 DRY natural is a highly effective absorber on a universal carrier that permanently binds moisture and acidic impurities in the recycling process.

It was developed for use with regrind and regranulates as well as talcum or chalk-filled materials. Aggressive reaction products, e.g. from printing ink residues or PVC impurities, are effectively neutralised and thus prevent tool corrosion. The addition of this additive also counteracts the problem of bubble or streak formation, which increases the surface quality of the finished part and allows a higher throughput in film or sheet applications.

At maximum effectiveness, the masterbatch binds approx. 200g of water per kg of masterbatch, which saves on the pre-drying of raw materials and speeds up the production process.

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AF-Complex® GA natur

Odour absorber for recyclates

AF-Complex® PE 950185 GA natural is highly effective for certain odours such as sulphur and nitrogen components, caused for example by food residues, during the recycling process. This functional additive combination is designed for recycled polyamide (PA) and polyolefins (PE/PP).

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AF-Complex® stabilisers

Processing stabilisers for polyolefins (PE/PP) during the recycling process

Processing stabilisers in the form of masterbatches keep the damaging influence of a recycling process on the polymers within limits.

AF-Complex® PP 990225 WS natural prevents the MVR increase in polypropylene (PP) in the recycling process and AF-Complex® PE 990220 AO natural limits cross-linking and gel formation in polyethylene (PE).

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AF-Complex® UV natur

UV and light protection masterbatches

In addition to colouring, material properties are also extremely important, e.g. to achieve a certain mechanical strength. UV exposure has a damaging effect on all polymer materials over a certain period of time, meaning that these mechanical properties can be lost. Additional stabilisers are therefore required (e.g. UV absorbers), which can be added together with the colouring components of a masterbatch formulation - in this case, it is referred to as a combination masterbatch (combination of colour and additive).

All plastic products are subject to ageing processes. These can be slowed down by the use of additives. The photos show the ageing phenomenon on a polypropylene PP flower pot (so-called chalking).

The masterbatch is available on the basis of different carrier polymers, either as a single additive component or in combination with an AF-Color® colour masterbatch.

Further optimised products for your manufacturing processes

Suitable for
Friction optimisation Reduction of "blocking" = adhesion of film or sheet surfaces - Acceleration of the converting of large rolls - Acceleration of cast film and thermoforming processes
Anti-fogging agent Optimised wetting of polymer surfaces - Reduced drop condensation on packaging films - Increased absorbency of nonwovens
Antistatic agents
Reduction of the electrical resistance - Avoidance of electrostatic discharge and sparks - Reduction of dust attraction and soiling - Permanent antistatic finish
Optimisation of transparency and gloss
Adhesion booster - Increases the tackiness of household, stretch and silage films
Matting Dust-free, clean handling of solid, powdered additives
Flame retardants
Improvement of fire-resistant properties
Optimisation / adjustment of friction and opening values - Improvement of flow properties - Minimisation of squeaking (automotive) - Permanent lubrication of graphite or MoS
Nucleating agent
Control of the crystallinity of plastics - Process acceleration, reduction of cooling time - Reduced warpage, isotropic shrinkage properties - Improved mechanical properties - Compensation, equalisation of pigment influences - Reduction of sink marks - Improved chemical resistance
Processing aids
Processing Aids - Increased output in film production - Reduction of ‘shark skin’ - improved transparency - Minimisation of nozzle deposits

This information corresponds to the current state of our knowledge and serves only as a guide to our products and their possible applications. Our information and data do not release processors and users from their obligation to carry out their own trials and tests for specific applications.


First test, then produce

Our broad expertise is the basis for the development of our products. In addition, each material has different requirements, so it is essential to verify the expected results using specific tests. With our extensive equipment, e.g. by carrying out weathering tests, contact angle measurements, CoF determinations and various colour measurements, we can deliver meaningful results even before the start of your large-scale production.

Do you need support with processing or are you facing technical challenges such as tool or material selection? Our application technology team will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance, even on site.

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