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Purging Compound

The Allrounder for All Thermoplastics

AF-Clean® is a purging compound for all thermoplastics (with the exception of PVC) in injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding equipment.

AF-Clean® Basic is suitable for a temperature range from 160 °C to 240 °C. We recommend AF-Clean® HT for a temperature range from 240 °C to 380 °C. The ingredient combination efficiently removes material and color residues and cracks..

Change of color in PP: the material and time requirement is reduced by half.

A combination of mechanical cleaning and chemically active cleaning components ensures effective removal of residues without any abrasive damage to cylinders, screws and non-return valves and at the same time loosens impurities through intensive moistening of the metal surface. AF-Clean® is particularly effective for the removal of stubborn colors such as phthalocyanine green and phthalocyanine blue or similar pigments. The cleaning mixture can very easily and quickly be emptied from the processing machine by a subsequent polymer.

Regular use as a cleaning compound prevents the accumulation of carbonised deposits on the no-return valve, screws, cylinder and machine nozzle. AF-Clean therefore reduces maintenance costs. AF-Clean can be used undiluted for cleaning or for color and polymer conversion. The active cleaning substances may result in the development of odours depending on the processing temperature. We recommend proper ventilation and to avoid the direct inhalation of fumes.

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