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Color plays a decisive factor in product design across every industry sector. As well as affecting product positioning and consumer preferences, color is also a chemical variable that affects the functionality, processing and cost of plastic products as well as their appearance. AF-COLOR is your specialist for high-end engineering masterbatches.

We combine our knowledge of color and plastics with extensive experience from leading industries such as electronics, household appliances, construction, sports and toys, packaging and automotive. We take the lead in showing you the best solutions for your products. Find out more about our industry expertise below.

Optimised for Both Extrusion and Injection Moulding Processes

Injection Moulding

Our color masterbatches are optimised for maximum performance in injection moulding processing. This process is used to produce everything from the tiniest automotive components to massive plastic waste bins. We offer weathering tests using our QUV, produce test samples, carry out mechanical and fire proofing testing and surface tension testing on samples as well as color measurements with CIELab.


Our masterbatches are also optimised for extrusion processing. This process is used to produce packaging as well as automotive films and coatings, construction boards and coverings. We can produce these flat films according to your specifications and carry out tests for tensile strength, tear resistance and sealing capabilities.

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