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Color has become an indispensable part of the consumer goods market segment. It no longer serves only to differentiate, but also represents the values and image of a brand. What is more, it tands for a certain level of quality, so that the coloration of an article also signifies a promise of quality and function. “Form follows function”: this design principle says that the function of a device
takes precedence over the actual design.

Not all colorants are suitable for every grade of polymer. When adapting a color design to a particular grade of plastic, the color result has to be achieved using alternative colorants. In general, a color objective can be achieved in many different ways, i.e. by using different colorants. However, this results in socalled metamerism effects, where the perceived color differs depending on the incident light source. Usually, a solution can be found, but this demands great skill of the colorist. We are happy to provide you with our service package to solve these individual challenges.

Multi-Talented Masterbatch

In addition to coloration, material properties are also of great importance, e.g. to achieve a certain mechanical strength. UV exposure has a damaging effect on all polymer materials over a certain period of time, so that these mechanical properties can be lost. Additional stabilisers are therefore necessary (e.g. UV absorbers), which can be added together with the coloring components of a masterbatch formulation – in this case we speak of a combimasterbatch (combination of color and additive).

Appliances – White Goods

UV exposure



The automotive industry places the 
highest demands on masterbatch manufacturers in terms of color accuracy and delivery consistency. If an automotive supplier produces components directly at the injection moulding machine using masterbatch and natural material, the supplier is responsible for complying with the corresponding and very strict tolerances.

The advantages, such as lower fixed costsand optimised warehousing, offer greater flexibility in purchasing as well as in scheduling and logistics. Flexibility is particularly advantageous where, for example, large quantities of a natural material can be purchased, if necessary as silo product, and where corresponding price advantages can be achieved.

Power Tools – Strong Colors for Powerful Applications

Power tools include all types of electrically riven tools, for the doit-yourselfer as well as for the professional user. Protection against electricity (dielectric strength), mechanical strength and thermal stability are the essential requirements. These requirements for the properties of the polymer must not be changed or reduced by coloring with a masterbatch. AF-COLOR offers color and additive concentrates which fulfil these necessaryproperties. In addition, we offer a range of suitable polymers through our parent company AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH. Most of the materials used in the “power tools” plastic application are PA 6.6 grades that are impact-modified and filled with glass fibre.

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