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AF-COLOR Service

Application Support Masterbatches

Holistic Solutions Provider

AF-COLOR is your holistic solutions provider for color masterbatches. We deliver products based on your requirements, in accordance with our core competencies and with the support of our partners in the Feddersen Group. As well as our core masterbatch services, we also offer in-house product training and give first-hand advice on all masterbatch-relevant issues, such as choosing products and equipment as well as dosing.

We can also offer a wide variety of laboratory capabilities from weathering tests, sample preparation, mechanical testing (tensile tests, impact strength etc.) to filament tests, fire retardation classification, surface tension determination, color measurements and much more.

Optimised for Both Extrusion and Injection Moulding Processes

Injection Moulding

Our color masterbatches are optimised for maximum performance in injection moulding processing. This process is used to produce everything from the tiniest automotive components to massive plastic waste bins. We offer weathering tests using our QUV, produce test samples, carry out mechanical and fire proofing testing and surface tension testing on samples as well as color measurements with CIELab.


Our masterbatches are also optimised for extrusion processing. This process is used to produce packaging as well as automotive films and coatings, construction boards and coverings. We can produce these flat films according to your specifications and carry out tests for tensile strength, tear resistance and sealing capabilities.

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Always at Your Service

We provide comprehensive technical support throughout all development processes involving color and additive adjustment, giving your products the exact performance features you desire. We continuously check not only new solutions but also existing solutions to ensure they meet international regulations according to the state of the art. As part of our custom order processing, we guarantee short, flexible sampling and lead times.

Substituting High-Risk Chemicals

AF-COLOR implemented REACH in June 2007. The REACH Regulation places responsibility on industry to manage the risks from chemicals and to provide safety information on substances. Manufacturers and importers are required to gather information on the properties of their chemical substances, which will allow their safe handling, and to register the information in a central database in the European Chemicals Agency. One of the goals of REACH is the progressive substitution of the most dangerous chemicals (referred to as “substances of very high concern”) when suitable alternatives have been identified. AF-COLOR is REACH compliant and has implemented requirements as per legislation.

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