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Optimised Laser Marking

Our laser additives are impressive not only in terms of color, but also technically. They originate from the AF-Complex® product division and are available as pure additive concentrates or in combination with colorant. In this technical masterbatch area, we have a wide range of colors available for you.

Laser inscriptions are being used more and more frequently in industrial applications, because they are considered to be particularly reliable. They are optimal for permanent marking, as they are waterproof, abrasion- and heat-resistant, light-fast and also forgery-proof. In selected applications, the use of laser-sensitive additives in plastics offers a clear advantage. They can increase both contour definition and contrast.

These properties are extremely valuable in laser inscription, for example with machine-readable codes, especially in the context of quality assurance and traceability. In addition, the resulting improved process speed provides considerable added value. A laser marking that is clearly visible to a reader or even the naked eye speeds up further processing considerably. The marked parts are more sortable and can therefore be allocated more rapidly.

Colored laser markings for polyamides

High color laser markings

For transparent and semi-transparent materials, additives cause a more even distribution of contrast, which also leads to the benefits already mentioned above. Our additives are therefore multifunctional in the field of laser applications. In addition to the technical component, however, the color design also plays a major role. With our combi-masterbatches (color + additive), we offer you maximum flexibility in the color composition.

Whether dark, light or colored markings. Any combination can be created with the color formulation prepared for you. Test series on colored laser markings for polyamides. By using our combination masterbatches, you achieve not only enormous color strength, but also an excellent contrast. 

The laser marking of plastics is based on the coupling of the laser light. The energy input leads to carbonisation or foaming of the polymer. A change in color is the result.

Carbonisation (thermochemical reaction) causes a transition to dark laser marking; foaming (formation of tiny gas bubbles which are permanently trapped during cooling) to a bright laser marking.

Masterbatches – Custom-made for your Product Ideas

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