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Addititve Masterbatches

Additive Masterbatches

Made-to-Measure Masterbatches

These products are suitable for use in injection moulding as well as for film, profile and sheet extrusion and thermoform applications. Application-specific combination products and special tailor-made products are also available following an application-support consultation. With our AF-Complex® product range, we offer different additive combinations based on your color and technical requirements as well as individual adjustments.

First we create a recipe with one or multiple components based on your specifications, then granulate masterbatches are manufactured based on the recipe. These masterbatches can be applied in production processes in different formats such as stabilisers, functional substances, fire proofing and laser additives. AF-Complex® can be produced on the specific polymer carrier systems.

Comprehensive Preproduction Testing

Our product solutions help to increase the lifetime of your products beyond their standard life expectancy. The AF-Complex® additive product range allows you to select a variety of different chemical substances to achieve the best results for your application. You can also combine multiple effects into one masterbatch. Each material has to meet a number of specific requirements, so it is necessary to check the expected results by carrying out weathering and other tests, which we can execute in our laboratory. This ensures that we deliver the desired results before large-scale production begins.

Ease in Plastics Production and Processing

AF-Complex® TM 

The production of micro-cellular foams by means of chemical or physical methods is one of the most important developments in plastics processing technology.

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Frost Effect for PA Films

Radar Absorption

Standard color measurements

Product Services

Contact Angle Measurement

Determination of friction coefficients

Agglomerates measurement and detection

In addition to our standard color measurements, we have other options:

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