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Biodegradable Masterbatches

Biobased Color

Sustainable Bio-Based Color Products

More and more of our customers are asking for biopolymer coloration. Today, color masterbatches are made up almost exclusively of polymer carrier materials and corresponding colorants. AF-COLOR’s AF-Eco® product range is based on biodegradable materials. For our bio-based color and additive masterbatches, we exclusively use biodegradable and bio-based polyesters as the carrier matrix.

Various additive combinations are available in the AF-Eco® product range, all designed to meet the specific technical and color requirements of our customers. These products are suitable for use in injection moulding as well as for film, profile and sheet extrusion and thermoform applications. We can also create specific combination products and special tailor-made products following an application-support consultation.


AF-Eco® - biodegradable film applications

Waste management is facing major challenges. Creating a sustainable future requires solutions. It can take several hundred years for conventional plastic to decompose. The joint work with our branch BIO-FED has resulted in a large number of AF-Eco® masterbatches based on a wide variety of biodegradable carrier polymers.

Here we present examples of how M∙VERA® films are used, which were produced with our AF-Eco® masterbatches.

Meeting Industry Standards

The defining standard for biodegradable materials in Europe is DIN EN 13432. Suppliers must carry out all necessary testing to meet this standard. The Vinçotte, and DIN CERTCO certification authorities have designated laboratories that carry out these tests. The content of non-biodegradable filler materials is limited to a maximum of 5 %, or 1 % by DIN EN 13432 standards for each individual filler material. The heavy-metal content is also regulated within this standard, primarily in packaging applications.

Biodegradable Color, Carbon Black and Additive Masterbatches

AF-Eco® Masterbatches

AF-Eco® Color and Carbon Black Masterbatches

The AF-Eco® product portfolio has now been enriched with a broad range of biodegradable masterbatch carriers, providing the fitting base carrier for each application. This new products have been developed to meet the requirements of every biodegradable plastics application and their increasing complexity, also minimizing the interactions with other polymer components of the compound.

AF-Eco® Additive Masterbatches

The AF-Eco® additive masterbatches are also made with biodegradable carrier materials which are paired with corresponding active ingredients. We offer, for example, functional masterbatches such as lubricant, anti-block and blowing agent masterbatches. We would be pleased to work with you to develop additive masterbatches, based on biodegradable carrier materials, that suit your individual requirements – and which are upon request tested and certified according to EN 13432.

AF-Eco® - biodegradable film applications


For some time now, the retail sector has been using organic plastic bags which are biodegradable through an industrial composting process.

This process is regulated in DIN EN 13432 and awarded with a seal such as "OK compost INDUSTRIAL" by TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium. The biodegradable bio-compound used must be at least 90 % fragmented under industrial conditions after 3 months, and remaining fragments must not be larger than 2 mm. Furthermore, after 6 months, the film must be biodegraded to 90 %, while a conventional grocery bag remains unchanged for several decades or even centuries. With our AF-Eco® products we show you possibilities in color of the compostable plastic range.

Do you have specific requirements when it comes to your shopping bags? Contact us and together we will develop a product that meets your needs.

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